Advantage 19.1

19.1 Headline

JAGGAER is pleased to announce the 19.1 release of JAGGAER Advantage. The 19.1 release provides auction enhancements and many improvements around contracts, machine learning, analytics, and user experience.

19.1 Highlights

  • Auction Enhancements: Support for Japanese Auction format in the new auction monitor, usability/efficiency enhancements, and additional supplier information on monitoring screens, making auctions easier and faster to manage
  • Archived and Deactivated Suppliers: Allows users to deactivate and archive suppliers they are no longer working with, decreasing clutter and improving privacy
  • Master Contract Documents: Adds the opportunity for negotiation during the RFQ process
  • Machine Learning: Introduces new Machine Learning algorithms for data classification as well as an improved process to manage the Global Knowledgebase, speeding up the data classification process
  • Actionable Analytics: Introduces analytics that go beyond visibility to deliver actionable insights
  • User Experience: Brings a modern user interface to Category and Supplier 360 views