Product Release: Analytics 19.2

  • Ability to Subscribe to an Analytics Report or Dashboard, and create a schedule for email updates  
  • New Dimensions for Use in Data Security Profiles, for managing user access to data  
  • Enhancements to Data Source Manager Data Export  
  • Ability to Drag and Drop Fields to the “Where” and “Having” in Data Source Management  
  • Ability for Users to Have the Analytics Dashboard as the Home Landing Page  
  • Ability to Import and Export a Data Source Structure  
  • New Capabilities for Actionable Analytic 

19.2 Product Release: General Site Enhancements

  • Introduction of the JAGGAER Smart Assistant, a virtual assistant that helps users by answering questions and performing simple actions. The Smart Assistant understands and responds to “natural language”  
  • Allow Administrators to Assign User Management Rights in Role Setup  
  • Ability to Configure Division Access in Mass via an import process.  
  • Ability to Change Organization Super User  
  • Ability to Change Object Divisions in Mass, with the ability to change the Division assignment for all objects within a specific Division at once  
  • Ability to Include Seller Company Tags in System Emails  
  • Ability to Extend the Maximum Number of Characters for a Username to 250  
  • Comments are Required when Approval is Denied for an Object in Workflow; comments continue to be optional when the response is Approved  
  • Email Integration with Message Boards enables users to respond to an email alert sent from a message board discussion, which is logged as a response in the discussion thread