Product Release: ASO - Bid Phasing UI

Advanced Sourcing

– Unlimited configurability to model precise advanced souring needs
– Expressive bidding and feedback for nuanced supplier pricing and communication
– True optimization engine to find optimal award considering bids, capacities, RFI, discounts, bundles, and business rules configurable directly in the sourcing event.
– On demand scenario optimization for immediate analysis and unlimited comparison of costs of different scenarios.

ASO: Bid Phasing UI

– Introduces all new visual enhancements to the Timeline page within sourcing events

  • Rounds and phases now appear together on one page, with phases nested inside rounds
  • Users can now name rounds and phases, and these names, along with round and phase numbers, appear prominently

– Brings enhancements to the Timeline page within sourcing events

  • Search results can now be filtered to include all suppliers, or just those that are not yet participating in a given bid phase
  • Users can now search by the value of a selected field
  • The search results page now displays the number of unphased suppliers for a selected round

– Adds a new button within the event Timeline page, which allows users to auto phase rounds. This button creates multiple phases of equal length, with 100 suppliers automatically distributed into each round, until all suppliers have been phased.