Product Release: ASO – Data Warehouse & Visualization

Advanced Sourcing
–  Unlimited configurability to model precise advanced sourcing needs
–  Expressive bidding and feedback for nuanced supplier pricing and communication
–  True optimization engine to find optimal award considering bids, capacities, RFI, discounts, bundles, and business rules configurable directly in the sourcing event.
–  On demand scenario optimization for immediate analysis and unlimited comparison of costs of different scenarios.

– Event Explorer Reporting

  • Improves report handling across the Event Explorer
    • Makes finding specific reports faster and easier with new tagging functionality, which enables filtering and identification
    • Adds saving and loading for reports and queries, including a save-as function to create copies of reports with new changes
    • Enables easier, more secure sharing by adding a designation for private and public reports
      • Private reports can only be seen by their owner, while public reports can be seen by any users with access to Event Explorer
      • Reduces duplicates with conflicts in data, establishing one version of the truth
  • Adds pivot table functionality to Event Explorer reporting
    • Allows users to specify aggregator, columns, and rows in the pivot builder for configured queries
    • Enables easier sharing and further analysis with Excel export functionality

– Host-Level Event Explorer

  • Allows users to configure queries and define metrics for an event
  • Makes sharing information easier by allowing users to build visual graphs and charts based on the event, then export results for sharing with other team members
  • Allows users to track trends in usage, pricing, and performance by viewing data over time, examining year to year performance tracking and month to month supplier comparisons
  • Allows users to create interactive dashboards with flexible data visualization to quickly display the exact desired information with real-time updates
  • Adds analysis for year over year performance across multiple events for a 360-degree review of overall sourcing performance
  • Customers should contact their Account Manager in order to enable cross-event data exploration