Product Release: ASO - Enhanced Bid Level Feedback

Advanced Sourcing

– Unlimited configurability to model precise advanced souring needs
– Expressive bidding and feedback for nuanced supplier pricing and communication
– True optimization engine to find optimal award considering bids, capacities, RFI, discounts, bundles, and business rules configurable directly in the sourcing event.
– On demand scenario optimization for immediate analysis and unlimited comparison of costs of different scenarios.

ASO: Enhanced Bid Level Feedback

  • Gives bidders clearer insight into what they need to do to make their bid more competitive by allowing buyers to enter specific comments:
    • Buyers add comments on the All Bids screen or upload via Excel files, and bidders can see comments directly in the Bid Builder
  • Adds more specific feedback to bidders on how competitive their bid is:
    • Adds a new level of granularity beyond “traffic light” feedback, allowing users to break each range into tiers in the feedback wizard
    • Bidders can see their bid competitiveness with more detail in the Feedback Guide, or in Excel downloads