Product Release: ASO - Line Item and Named Lists

Advanced Sourcing –
– Unlimited configurability to model precise advanced souring needs
– Expressive bidding and feedback for nuanced supplier pricing and communication
– True optimization engine to find optimal award considering bids, capacities, RFI, discounts, bundles, and business rules configurable directly in the sourcing event.
– On demand scenario optimization for immediate analysis and unlimited comparison of costs of different scenarios.

ASO: Line Item Bidding

  • Allows users to configure the number of alternates by item type, instead of just at the event level
  • Allows buyers to collect bids that meet a defined set of requirements before using alternate bids, and allows buyers to create and define those requirements without the need for Support Team interaction

ASO: Named Lists

  • Allows users to more easily restrict responses in a given field to a specific list of options
  • Adds a seamless user interface to create and manage named lists
  • Enables uploading of large lists to expedite the creation process
  • Allows users to sort or filter bids to only display qualifying responses to a given field