Product Release: Reverse Auction Lots

Bid Graphs

  • Incorporates heat maps into the Control Panel and bid graph tab, giving users the ability to see bid distance from historic and reserve pricing
  • Allows users to drill down to see bidder details, cost, savings, historic prices, and last bid price for specific items in the bid graph
  • Adds the ability to export bid graphs for individual items to PDF

Reverse Auction Lots

  • Gives user the ability to configure lots inside the auction tool so that they can award based on supplier performance across the entire lot.
    • Gives purchasers the option to monitor individual line item bids and overall lot bids.
    • Allows users to more efficiently award multiple items to the same bidder.
    • Allows greater flexibility in auction configuration and feedback granularity.
  • Allows suppliers to see and bid on line items while receiving real time feedback on both individual line items and lot pricing.