RMM 19.1

The 19.1 release is the culmination of our transformation of the RMM User Experience.  The new RMM UI delivers a more modern, web-shopping-type interface that streamlines user adoption, is adaptive for use with iOS and Android tablets, and provides additional security measures. 

In addition to completing the migration of all remaining RMM functionality and capabilities into our new UI, the following are highlights of our enhancements and new features:

  • Enhanced Search and Query Capabilities for Materials, Containers and Request items
  • Container Scan Operations enhancements, including a new Multi-user Kiosk Mode for container scan operations
  • Inventory Reconciliation enhancements, including new capabilities to capture and upload reconciliation data from sources other than the RMM hand-held scanner application, and new capabilities for capturing inventory reconciliation statistics for reporting
  • Container Expiration Notifications can be configured to generate and send automated alerts for containers nearing expiration
  • Additional Data loader types for Cost Centers, Cost Center Groups, and Inventory Reconciliation Data