Product Release: RMM 9.4

  • Material Class: As RMM use by our clients evolves into broader categories of research materials, including biological materials and lab supplies, RMM is adapting with the introduction of client-configurable Material Classes. Material class is initially assigned to items in the shopping cart, and can be edited in receiving and on material profiles. Assignment of material class makes the decision of whether to create a material profile or containers for an item simple and consistent, and also determines which flexible fields are visible / required for the material profile.
  • Materials: In 9.4.0 all material functionality has been enhanced as well as migrated into Researcher. Researchers can now search for materials using advanced criteria and now have the ability to edit all details for a material. New features include hazard properties, transport hazard properties, flex fields, support for multiple storage codes, and more.
  • Health & Safety & Approvals:  RMM 9.4.0 includes the migration of the EHS List functionality as well as enhanced capabilities including support for multiple storage codes, a new Prohibited severity type and the implementation of new approval types.   All standard RMM approval types can now be restricted by organization, and users may be authorized to grant approvals for organizations other than the one they belong to. Users may also now query to find who can grant approvals.
  • User Interface Enhancements: RMM 9.4.0 improves the user interface with continued enhancements in the HTML 5 experience.  User interface libraries used in development of RMM have been updated, resulting in user interface improvements throughout the RMM application.  In addition, the View Container and View Material pages are completely new, with enhanced features and usability.
  • People: With RMM 9.4.0 managing user information has been migrated into the Researcher module including the ability to search for users to manage their roles, organizations, and locations.
  • Requests: The ability to search for requests submitted by other users as well as history for Shopping Carts and Cart/ Request items is now available.
  • New Data Loader Improvements:  Data Loader files for Materials now support flex fields and a new type of file to support assignment for PO/Item numbers.
  • Integration with ChemDraw JS: through a new partnership, RMM 9.4 introduces optional integration with ChemDraw JS (licensed separately from Perkin-Elmer) for chemical structure drawing and rendering.