Learn About JAGGAER's 17.3 Product Release

17.3 Headline

JAGGAER, producers of the world’s most comprehensive Source to Pay (S2P) solutions, today announces substantial upgrades to our full product suite, specifically Multi-Business Unit (MBU) management capability and Multi-Stage Optimization (MSO) for our Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO). Impala 17.3 greatly augments visibility and collaboration for global buyers and suppliers, is extensively configurable, quickly expandable across business units and multiple ERPs, and provides customers time and cost-savings through rules-based AI technology.

JAGGAER has also unveiled the biggest evolution to its award-winning ASO product since its inception: MSO. This advancement triple’s ASO’s power with unparalleled control and visibility into all aspects of the supply chain.

An impala is a species of antelope known for its intelligence and ability to collaborate. Impala work together to adapt to their environment while staying safe from danger. Known for their agility and flexibility, an impala can jump 33 feet across and 10 feet high. The intelligent, collaborative, and agile aspects of the impala perfectly lend themselves to the spirit of JAGGAER’s Release 17.3. Impala was designed with direct feedback from multiple customers to deliver global scalability with intelligent workflows that eliminate human intervention, and are customizable for specific industries, reflecting JAGGAER’s commitment to vertically-focused solutions.

17.3 Snapshot

Impala Release 17.3 includes:

  • Multi-Business Unit Enterprise-Grade Flexibility for Global Scalability  – Impala empowers global enterprises and institutions that have either centralized or decentralized procurement structures with the capability to quickly expand and configure documents, workflows, receipt notifications, and more, accommodating each department, business unit, country, or ERP for greatest operational efficiency.
  • Multi-Stage Optimization for Visibility Across the Supply Chain – Impala gives customers in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and consumer goods verticals the capability to take full control over their supply chain. Customers can now base an award on multiple criteria across all decision points in the supply chain, create additional bid points in an event based on multiple business units or specific vendor locations, and see complete reports on every touch point in the supply chain, ultimately resulting in greater strategic sourcing decisions, saving time and cost.
  • AI Enhanced Workflows – Impala contains a wealth of features, everything from automated financial transactions that routinely update the original purchase order to contract and risk management checks that ensure templates and clauses are always up-to-date. Rule-based AI technology and streamlined features remove intensive manual processes and redundancies, save costs, eliminate errors, and reduce barriers to agile, informed decision making. These additions make Impala the most complete workflow release yet.

Additional Features:

  • True two-way collaboration between buyers and suppliers that need fast resolution of critical elements with one another during the sourcing process. With this feature, buyers can now submit private questions to individual suppliers during an event, clarifying the supplier’s response and streamlining the selection process.&
  • Price is right adjustment for customers in retail and consumer products that need to retain the cost of services and maintain profitability in support of their distribution model. This feature allows catalog price markups by business unit (for example: storefront, manufacturer, and warehouse), commodity code, or UNSPSC in order to maximize profit margins and balance economies of scale for each member within the distributed network.
  • Improved global supplier registration and creation process for customers that desire an easier way to capture critical supplier sourcing information. This feature extends supplier profile data to automatically flow through the system via a new supplier request form, eliminating any need for manual manipulation. Buyers receive automatic notifications on the status of supplier registrations and approvals so that the appropriate action can be taken quickly.
  • Integrated change management for third-party systems that customers or partners require for additional enhancements in areas such as risk or regulation. This integration process drastically speeds up the time to integrate those provider systems with the JAGGAER platform, providing added value for a customer in short order.