Product Release: Sourcing 17.3

Sourcing –
– Manage suppliers, bids, quotes, RFx’s and catalogs in one place
– Turn awarded bids into contracted catalogs
– Simplify complex award decisions using “what if?” scenarios that incorporate business preferences and strategies
– Adaptive Event Management

  • True 2-Way Buyer/Supplier Collaboration
    • Discover true two-way communication between buyers and suppliers, both privately and publicly
    • Buyers no longer have to limit themselves to just responding to submitted questions, or just being able to broadcast Q&A entries to all suppliers in an event; they can now submit private questions to individual suppliers during an event, leading to quicker resolutions through clear understanding and streamlined purchasing
  • New Sourcing Request Discovery Tool
    • Provide end users complete information to decide if a sourcing event should be opened
    • Allows sourcing event form with all populated information to be added directly into the workflow for approval making the whole process more efficient
  • Event Savings Evaluation
    • Compare event cost savings against historical price points for more effective award scenario selection
  • ASO: Multi-Stage Optimization (MSO)
    • Total supply chain visibility and control is now at your fingertips -triple’s ASO’s power with unparalleled control and visibility into all aspects of the supply chain
    • Base an award on multiple criteria across all decision points in the supply chain
    • Create additional bid points in an event based on MBUs or vendor locations
    • See complete buyer reports on every touch point in the supply chain to minimize cost and gain the ultimate efficiency