Product Release: Supplier Management 17.3

Supplier Management
– Visibility and management of all suppliers (existing, past, potential, future)
– Provides a formal supplier management on-boarding and maintenance process
– Advanced performance management of supplier base reduces / mitigates Supplier Risk

  • Supplier Registration and Creation Process (Supplier Request Forms)
    • Extension of supplier profile data/fields automatically flows through the system via new supplier request form; user no longer does any manual manipulation
    • Receive automatic notifications on the status of supplier registrations and approvals so that alternate action can be taken quickly
  • Multi-language Support for Global Suppliers and Organizations
    • Customize branded portal content and configuration pages now available in multiple languages, perfect for diverse, multinational customers
    • Export portal registration content for offsite translation and import translated content back with ease
  • Usability Enhancements including DocuSign for Tax Forms
    • Streamline supplier management operations for greater control, such as diversity selection, supplier registration and login, and the activation/deactivation of locations
    • Improve collaborative nature between suppliers and buyers, making for more visibility and communication on each side of the equation