Learn About JAGGAER's 19.1 Product Release

19.1 Headline

JAGGAER is pleased to announce the 19.1 release of JAGGAER Indirect.  The 19.1 release includes new support for global business operations, new capabilities for managing budgets during purchasing activities, additional flexibility for managing contracts, and more streamlined sourcing and supplier management functionality.

19.1 Highlights

  • Global business operations support: Enhancements allow for non-English language commodity code or NAICS searches for suppliers, and the addition of new Global eInvoicing capabilities to support legislation requirements mandated in the European Union (excluding Italy and Portugal), Asia Pacific and the Middle East.
  • Supplier Management & Sourcing: Updates include the ability to define supplier hierarchy, new localization/language translation enhancements within the supplier portal for global suppliers, and the ability to link supplier profile information to sourcing event questions and synch supplier responses to questions in an RFX as updates within their profiles
  • Contract Management: Enhancements include additional flexibility for managing contract lifecycle milestones, including advance scheduling of contract termination dates, updating of obligations, new workflow capabilities for adding ad-hoc approvers and eSigners, and improved contract collaboration with suppliers via the supplier portal
  • Procure-to-Pay: A new Budget Manager module is introduced to enable users to create, approve and update budgets by accounting string to track spend on any PRs, POs and invoices that use accounting codes; Inventory Management enhancements related to sales order revisions and quantity reporting for financial accounting; exchange rate enhancements for purchase requests; Global eInvoicing support including Trustweaver integration and country-specific data capture and supplier information; and various Form Request enhancements