Product Release: Contracts+ 19.1

  • Improves supplier communication & collaboration via the supplier portal
    • Ability for 2-way communication (including attachments) between buyers and suppliers within the Contracts area of the supplier portal
  • Ability to enter a dollar value on the contract header of contracts – displayed and reported as Total Contract Value (TCV)
    • Each amendment of the contract will increase or decrease the TCV
    • Users will have the ability to report on TCV as well as the contract version level (amendments)
  • Ability to designate ad-hoc approvers for contracts that deviate from the standard approval process
  • Contract Status enhancements enable users to end a contract prior to Expiry Date in cases where all parties agree that work has been completed before the official contract expiry/end date
  • Contract Termination Scheduling provides the ability to schedule a future date for contract termination