Learn About JAGGAER's 19.2 Product Release

JAGGAER is pleased to announce our 19.2 release.  This Product Release Library provides all of the release highlights, informational videos, and release notes for our solutions.

With the introduction of JAGGAER ONE earlier this year, you will see changes to product names and the organization of release materials to better reflect solution alignment on the JAGGAER ONE unified platform.

Below, you will find General Site Enhancement release notes and Feature Snapshots for our JAGGAER Indirect and JAGGAER Advantage solutions, as well as a release preview video for our JAGGAER Indirect solutions.

Please use the navigation menu at the top of the page for solution-specific release materials.

JAGGAER Advantage 19.2 Release Highlights

  • Introduction of the JAGGAER Smart Assistant, a virtual assistant that helps users by answering questions and performing simple actions.
  • Ability for Administrators to Assign User Management Rights in Role Setup
  • New Configuration capabilities for Division Access, Super Users, Object Divisions, Usernames, and more
  • Ability to Include Seller Company Tags in System Emails
  • New Comment Requirements when Approval is Denied for an Object in Workflow
  • Email Integration with Message Boards