Product Release: Contracts+ 19.2

Product Release: Contracts+ 19.2 

  • Contract Request Relationship Mapping 
    • Relationship mapping is an optional way to group questions/answers to drive towards the appropriate contract template that can then be used to create a contract from a contract request. 
  • Early Access Participation for New Contract Search Experience 
    • With this release, super users who have opted into Early Access Participation – Enable new search experience now have access to the Beta version of Contract Search with advanced capabilities to view and analyze their contract data. 
  • Contract Non-Catalog Item Enhancements
    • With this release, contract non-catalog items have been updated so that they can be used in setting the applicability of contracts as well as checking the contract price. 
  • Custom Contract Field Validations
    • Users now have the ability to set their own validations for some field types on their custom contract fields (CCFs). This allows you to ensure your data conforms to your unique requirements. 
  • Parent/Child Contract Primary Second Party Management
    • Customers now have the option to restrict the Primary Second Party relationship for parent/child contracts. Users with the appropriate access are able to choose Parent/Child Primary Second Party options on the General Contract Settings page. 
  • Adobe Audit Trail Option
    • Customers using Adobe Sign as their eSignature service provider now have the option to attach an audit trail page as the last page of signed contracts in Executed: In Effect status. 
  • Multiple Language Support
    • Users can now select additional languages (beyond a contract’s primary language) to use as filters when searching for and selecting a main document template, adding a main document, and selecting clauses.  
      Additionally, the JAGGAER Contract Authoring for Word App now allows users to select languages besides the contract language, and approved clauses in those languages are then available for selection. 

19.2 Product Release: General Site Enhancements

  • New Site Navigation Look and Feel, in support of our JAGGAER ONE unified platform strategy, will include new product iconography as well as changes to the top navigation bar.
  • Ability to Delete System Users, which goes beyond inactivating a user to remove a deleted user’s personally identifiable information from the system
  • Ability to Define Custom Field Type and Length
  • Ability to Search Suppliers by State/Province, in addition to country of origin or zip code, including by location or fulfillment center
  • Ability to Associate Suppliers to a Business Unit