Product Release: Research Material Management 19.2

Current Release: Research Material Management 19.2

  • RMM’s new user interface becomes even more researcher-friendly with context-specific grouping of Source Search results that makes it easier than ever to quickly compare alternatives and make the optimal selection. Preferred supplier items are more prominently displayed by default. Results are displayed with actual structures that support zoom-in, and information is displayed more efficiently, without sacrificing clarity. New sort and filter options further enhance the user experience.
  • New Advanced Search for Source Search offers more control over searching of inventory and JAGGAER hosted catalogs
  • Select search result grids are now user-configurable, allowing each user to choose the columns to display/hide and the sequence in which columns are presented, in order to maximize usability
  • A new inventory filter for structure searches enables more exploratory searches for structures in a chemical space that do or do not currently exist in inventory.
  • The To-Do list is more flexible and powerful, allowing users to easily transfer all or selected containers to any of their preferred locations with a single action. Clearing items from the list is also simplified
  • The Shopping Cart is streamlined and now displays chemical structures. The entire cart can also be cleared with a single action.
  • Approvals have been enhanced and streamlined to enable loading a held cart and editing a line item with a single action
  • A new Home Page Container Lookup feature enables quick access to container details, history, or actions, including a new Reorder feature.
  • Location Administration has been migrated from the System Administration module into the core RMM application; a new feature permits moving a sublocation and its contents, for example when a freezer filled with containers is moved to a different lab.
  • New Users and User Profile changes can now be automatically synchronized from JAGGAER ONE eProcurement