Product Release: Sourcing 19.2

Product Release: Sourcing 19.2 

  • Enhancements to Express Bid/Quick Quotes Event Creation and Administration, including: 
    • Ability to filter the Sourcing Event Templates view for Quick Quote templates 
    • Simplified view of Quick Quote event creation pages for novice users 
    • Automatically-generated purchase requests (PRs) from awarded Quick Quote events 
    • Ability to filter for Quick Quote events in Sourcing Advanced Search 
  • Association of Line Item Custom Fields to a specific Group of Items in an event, providing you with greater control over the information that you collect and/or expose for items sought within sourcing events. 
  • Sourcing Event export enhancements including removal of the 1 GB file size limit, and extending the ability to target the export to specific portions of each event

19.2 Product Release: General Site Enhancements

  • New Site Navigation Look and Feel, in support of our JAGGAER ONE unified platform strategy, will include new product iconography as well as changes to the top navigation bar.
  • Ability to Delete System Users, which goes beyond inactivating a user to remove a deleted user’s personally identifiable information from the system
  • Ability to Define Custom Field Type and Length
  • Ability to Search Suppliers by State/Province, in addition to country of origin or zip code, including by location or fulfillment center
  • Ability to Associate Suppliers to a Business Unit