Product Release: Contracts+ 19.3

Product Release: Contracts+ 19.

  • Additional levels of conditional questions, pages, and groups on contract request templates. 
  • Business rules for date validation of custom fields on the contract. Contract date boundaries can be set and respected on contracts and contract requests.  
  • New workflow functionality including a rejected status, ad hoc approvers, auto-renew workflow setting, and the ability to lock down specific clauses for negotiation. 
  • eSignature signers can be automatically assigned to a contract based on business rules and eSignature used based on contract type.  

19.3 Product Release: General Site Enhancements

  • Notification: Changes to Web browser support – As of the 19.3 release, JAGGAER solutions will no longer work with older versions of Internet Explorer (versions 6-10).
  • Updated Site Navigation Interface – an updated interface including new product iconography is optional in the test and production environment. The new interface will be optional until the 2020 release.
  • New search interface includes configurable results, additional filters, and a more user friendly experience. This new search is on by default for sales orders, receipts, sales invoices, and requests with no opt out. The new search interface continues to be optional for requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices until the March 2020 release.  
  • Supplier legal structure options determined by the supplier’s country of origin to further support multi-national business interests.  
  • New supplier network search to easily view all changes to your suppliers’ data.  
  • Improved functionality for configuration of UOMs and currency exchange rates.