Product Release: Sourcing+ 19.3

Product Release: Sourcing+ 19.3

  • Improved management of RFx Weighting and RFx Excel Configuration Templates.
  • New “Take It or Competition” process allowing buyers to pre-award an RFP on the condition that the supplier meets the buyer’s price.  
  • Several new enhancements to the RFx event process including new field visibility options, hiding RFx status from uninvited suppliers, mandatory checks for pre-awarding/awarding, and other usability enhancements. 
  • Improved process for converting purchase requests to RFQs or projects. 
  • New auction capabilities including more detailed emails alerts, messaging for upcoming auctions, automatic transfer of best score formats, and visual improvements to the auction monitor.  
  • Project details are now included in the printable collaboration report.  
  • Item lists can be automatically included in the templates that are created from Bid Collector documents.  

19.3 Product Release: General Site Enhancements

  • Updated Site Navigation Interface – an updated interface including new product iconography is optional in the test and production environment. The new interface will be optional until the 2020 release.  
  • Smart Assistant, introduced in 19.2 in a limited Beta testing program, has new capabilities including voice recognition. 
  • “Search As You Type” is now available in the category tree and other areas so that users can more quickly and easily complete searches.  
  • New options for user management, batch process management, and support of Google ReCaptcha.