Product Release: Research Material Management

  • Release 20.1 introduces support for LivePrice.  RMM can now obtain real-time pricing directly from participating suppliers for catalogs that are configured for LivePrice. LivePrice is enabled for JAGGAER catalog Source Search results, RMM Favorites from JAGGAER catalogs, and for reordering items purchased from JAGGAER catalogs.
  • Also in release 20.1, the RMM Stockroom module has been consolidated into a single user interface with RMM.  This merging provides access to all RMM & Stockroom functions via a single login for all end users and operations staff.  Using shared functions (such as receiving, reporting, viewing container/material information and searching) is now seamless across all RMM and Stockroom functions.  A consolidated notification architecture allows all end users to choose their notification preferences in one place.  Navigation and ease-of-use enhancements across the application deliver an improved user experience.
  • A new menu structure offers expanded and simplified access to all RMM and Stockroom functions
  • A new Member Pricing enhancement enables Stockrooms to charge back adjusted “member pricing” to a designated end user community based on the organization of the requesting user
  • Migration from legacy stockroom systems is simplified with a new capability to generate a Data Loader file of Stock Master items linked to JAGGAER hosted catalog items, by pasting/importing a list of catalog numbers for a supplier
  • New reports may be scheduled to provide email notification of pending stockroom requests and items requiring replenishment review throughout the day
  • For RMM clients who use RMM’s default open-source tool option for chemical structure drawing and rendering, Release 20.1 introduces integration with Kekule, which offers improved rendering performance and editing capability.