Product Release: Research Material Management

  • RMM 20.2 introduces support for Radioactivity Management and Tracking.  This new feature set enables research organizations to associate acquisition of and access to radioactive materials with licenses for improved vigilance and compliance.   One or more radioactive isotopes may be linked to a license for a site; requestors may be authorized under a license and may be required to provide supporting details for a reviewer approving radioactive requests, and an optional second-level radioactive approval is available. Current activity levels associated with containers and licenses may be queried. Individual items may also be exempted from radioactive license tracking to avoid unnecessary review and reporting.
  • Release 20.2 also includes a completely new version of JAGGAERs handheld computer application for inventory operations support staff.  User/Device authentication is now supported via a simple scan operation.  Previously supported functions, including physical inventory and container operations, are streamlined / simplified and use of scan sheets with the application is now optional. 
  • Two new handheld computer functions are introduced:  Delivery Confirmation streamlines delivery of containers to labs when they are received for a purchase request.   Put Away assists in assigning to storage locations and returning them to those locations when returned from loan, with the option to check storage compatibility.   
  • Flexible Fields for Containers, Materials, Requests, and Request Items can now be displayed in results from Source Search, as well as Container, Material, and Request Item searches as applicable.  Users can select the columns to display from the available Flexible Fields for each search type.
  • Structure Search is enhanced to allow return of 10,000 results (increased from a previous  maximum of 2000) to better support wider ranging analytical searches of large structure databases.  eMolecules structure search now supports similarity searching, and performance of all structure searches is significantly improved.
  • People History is now tracked to support compliance and support needs, and access to log details from the RMM application and database is simplified and enhanced for application support staff.