Learn About JAGGAER's 20.3 Product Release

JAGGAER Indirect 20.3 Release Highlights

The JAGGAER 20.3 release for Indirect solutions includes a number of new capabilities and enhancements to our solutions and across all solutions on the platform.  Some highlights of the 20.3 release include: 

Cross-solution Enhancements: 

  • New Shopping and Invoicing User Experience 
  • Document search enhancements are available for Sales Orders, Receipts, Sales Invoices and Requests 
  • User Search and Export functions incorporate Quick Filter panel displays allowing user to easily manage and filter the result set 
  • Configuration Setting Updates for Countries and Time Zones 


  • Suppliers can add attachments to Advanced Shipping Notifications submitted via the supplier portal 
  • Users can select commodity codes in PR and PO lines through a customer defined category tree 
  • Auto-estimate the delivery dates on PR and PO lines originating from Contract Non-catalog Items 
  • Item Master ID can be selected on Form and Punchout items within PR and PO lines 
  • Integrate inventory adjustments with ERPs 
  • Configure parent-child relationships between header, line and accounting Custom Fields in PRs, POs, and Invoices 


  • Tax Code Determination engine to support the selection of Custom Fields and Remit To address lines in rules 
  • Enable Virtual Credit Cards by User Roles 
  • Remove attachments on Check Request Forms and other forms 
  • Send and receive eInvoices via SdI (Italian Tax authority) 
  • Restrict P2P transactions to a standard set of customer defined Payment Terms 
  • Support for additional Payment Term types 
  • Improved document warning and error messages 


  • AI powered contract risk analysis ensures third parties comply with company-defined policies, lets administrators customize standard clause language and associate risk value, and helps identify variations in terms and conditions and the associated risks. 
  • Sell side contract enhancements using SFDC connector provides a seamless transition from Salesforce to Contracts+ and a consolidated view of contracts in Salesforce 
  • Additional levels of conditional visibility on Contract Custom Fields 

Supplier Management: 

  • Create and manage Custom Fields against fulfillment centers 
  • Add Requester Contact Information to Supplier Request Templates 
  • Automate the qualification process through questionnaires 


  • Validate Custom Fields within Sourcing events 
  • Allow for internal discussion thread within events 
  • Apply confidential pricing controls to documents containing price data 

Taxonomy/Unit Change Information for the following releases found here:

JAGGAER Advantage 20.3 Release Highlights

 The JAGGAER 20.3 release for Advantage solutions includes a number of new capabilities and enhancements to our solutions and across all solutions on the platform.  Some highlights of the 20.3 release include: 

Cross-solution Enhancements 

  • Generate links to specific searches for sharing through external applications, emails and more 
  • Unified search of main list and archived list 
  • Usability enhancements to the Smart Assistant Content and an improved user experience of the Custom Edition 


  • Traffic Light Auctions for English Single-Lot, English Multi-Lot and Sealed Big auctions 
  • Change supplier visibility behavior during a live English auction 
  • Improved user experience on the suppliers’ Auction Monitor including more prominent countdown clock, title and reserve price 
  • Improved user experience for creating and evaluating an RFx including a new Final Contract Value field and access to all RFx response evaluation areas before starting the evaluation 
  • Bid Collector – New awarding capabilities and option for mandatory terms and conditions 
  • Savings Management+ – Archive, reopen and cancel initiatives 

Supplier Management+ 

  • Delete duplicated, redundant, or “onboarded by mistake” suppliers 
  • Universal assessments allow for category specific questionnaires for a simpler to manage qualification process 
  • Access Supplier 360o anywhere the supplier is in view 

Category Management 

  • Deactivate analysis and approval tabs when they are not relevant to your strategy 
  • Access online help from the strategy 
  • Minimize/maximize filters and details on the Category Analysis Spend section and include the supplier external code 
  • Create or edit the Supplier Additional Status through the Strategy Supplier Portfolio 


  • More flexibility for different amendment processes e.g. the ability to exclude value, duration, or additional information 
  • Co-contractors and quota fields can be configured for each supplier 

Spend Analytics+ 

  • New pre-configured templates to embed machine learning functionality for easier data enrichment 
  • Export and import of trained machine learning models