Product Release: Contracts + 20.3


  • AI powered contract risk analysis ensures third parties comply with company-defined policies, lets administrators customize standard clause language and associate risk value, and helps identify variations in terms and conditions and the associated risks. 
  • Sell side contract enhancements using SFDC connector provides a seamless transition from Salesforce to Contracts+ and a consolidated view of contracts in Salesforce 
  • Additional levels of conditional visibility on Contract Custom Fields 

20.3 Product Release: General Site Enhancements 

JAGGAER Indirect 20.3 Release Highlights: 

  • New Shopping and Invoicing User Experience 
  • Document search enhancements are available for Sales Orders, Receipts, Sales Invoices and Requests 
  • User Search and Export functions incorporate Quick Filter panel displays allowing user to easily manage and filter the result set 
  • Configuration Setting Updates for Countries and Time Zones