Product Release: Taxonomy/Unit changes 20.3

Taxonomy Changes 20.3

As part of the 20.3 release JAGGAER will be updating our Taxonomy, collection of Proprietary and UNSPSC-based categories, to a new version: UNSPSC v23.0701.  The 20.3 release is scheduled for deployment to the UIT Test environment on October 11th and Production on November 8th, 2020.

Importantly, this update includes only additions and no existing categories will be removed as part of this update which should significantly reduce any potential impacts to your organization.  However, please note that the categories being added may be used throughout several areas of the application including: hosted catalogs, custom commodity code mapping, category class configuration and in some cases custom workflow.  These new categories should be reviewed during the UIT test period to ensure no changes are needed to existing commodity code mappings, workflow rules, etc.

Here are details about the changes including lists of Categories, presentation giving overview, impact, action items etc, Excel based tool to help with evaluation of commodity code mappings etc.

JAGGAER Taxonomy Update – JI Release 20-3.pptx: This Power Point presentation gives overview of the Taxonomy Update, its impact and actions to be taken. It also provides brief overview of concepts and functionalities related to the JAGGAER Taxonomy as reference material. 

JAGGAER Taxonomy Changes – JI Release 20-3.xlsx: This Excel file provides list of new Categories and list of name edits of existing Categories. 

JAGGAER Test Catalog for Taxonomy Update – JI Release 20-3.pptx: This Power Point presentation gives details about the test catalog that has been made available to test various aspects associated with Categories. new as well as existing. 

JAGGAER JI 20-3 Taxonomy Update – Information About New Categories.docx: This Word document provides summary information about the new Categories. 

JAGGAER JI 20-3 Taxonomy Update – Information About Selected Categories.docx: This Word document provides pertinent information about selected new Categories. 

JAGGAER JI 20-3 Taxonomy Update – Tool to Analyze Commodity Code Mapping.xlsm: This Excel tool is designed to help you with analysis of Commodity Code mappings for new Categories. Note that it is relevant only if you use Category Mapping functionality in the Spend Director module.

Unit Changes 20.3

No changes to the units or unit mappings will be made for the 20.3 Release