Product Release: Sourcing + 21.2


  • New Rfx Creation Wizard will act as a guided pathway to streamline configuration steps and simplify supplier invitation.  
  • Define Individual Supplier Currencies for Multi-Currency Auctions which will provide competitive confidentiality in the auction process.  
  • Simultaneously reassign and replace division and ownership for all objects in a project and all changes will be recorded in the History of Changes. 

21.2 Product Release: General Site Enhancements 

JAGGAER Advantage 21.2 Release Highlights: 

  • Other users can now be enabled to act on behalf of the Platform Administrator with access to the Administration menu and other critical, restricted tasks. 
    – This recommendation engine operates through customer-defined rules to reduce complexity in procurement. 
    – All recommendation decisions will be communicated back to the engine for analytical purposes. This data will be used to refine the process and enable more precise recommendations in future.  
    – Site administrators will be able to configure the rules that generate recommendations across: Extend an RFx Deadline, Supplier Recommendations, and Supplier Universal Assessments.  
  • Users with the necessary permissions will be able to view these recommendations and choose to accept or decline each recommendation that is presented to them.